Naduyte cheeks also

Naduyte cheeks also blow in the person to the child. In reply he will try to blow at you if it doesn't occur, try to blow once again, having shaken thus the head. If the kid can't blow, show him as it should be made, with a force having exhaled air. So the child will understand rather how it is necessary to blow. Teach him to blow off a fuzz about palms, soapsuds in a bathroom later, in 1,5 years - to blow through a straw in water, in a plate with a flour (watch that the straw didn't get to a flour! Игры для девочек!) . Dui, the child learns to manage the breath, and it develops the muscles necessary for formation of the speech.
2 . Everything is grabbed.
Stretch to the kid a rattle, holding it vertically. Before giving it to the child, look, whether he prepared the hand for taking it. Repeat this movement several times and help the kid to prepare a hand for a hvataniye correctly. Repeat the same, keeping the handle of a rattle horizontally, and then and in other directions. Important manipulyatorny skills of the kid develop.
3 . Bag with a surprise.
Wrap toys in some layers of paper. Give the chance to the child to develop it. The perception of the kid develops. He receives idea of permanency of subjects, learns to manage movements of the hands.
4 . We learn to throw.
Find a bucket or a box, pick up toys which make an attractive sound, having fallen in a bucket :). deliver a box so that it was easier for child to throw toys. After a while deliver it on the other hand. The child should or last in other party, or to restack a toy from one hand in another. Give it a toy more that he started acting with two hands. Ability to manipulate subjects develops.
5 . My box.
Box or box fill with different things. The kid will devastate it, you should put subjects back. Later it is possible to apply boxes with covers and departments, with cuts to figures.